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Cello Evah Pirazzi ( Fractional ) - Pirastro
  • The string set for the 3/4–1/2 instruments has been constructed on the same basis as 4/4and from the same materials as the Evah Pirazzi 4/4 strings.
  • Smaller diameter, they are light and pleasing to play.
  • Wonderful set harmony, are long-lasting, and are offered at an attractive price.

Cello Evah Pirazzi ( Fractional ) - Pirastro

  • Size : 3/4-1/2

    A Strings: Steel/Chrome Steel

    D Strings: Steel/Chrome steel

    G Strings: Rope core/Tungsten Soloist

    C Strings: Rope core/Tungsten Soloist


    Made in Germany

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